IzotzaLab in Teknopolis TV programme


IzotzaLab in Teknopolis TV programme

Last weekend, the ETB television channel broadcast a report on ‘Amazing Laboratories’ in which IzotzaLab was presented. In it you will find the Head of the laboratory Sérgio Henrique Faria (Spanish version) and the Technician Patricia Muñoz Marzagon (Basque version) making an introduction to the infrastructure of IzotzaLab and its objectives, as well as our PhD student Nicolás González Santacruz inside the cold chamber of the laboratory presenting some techniques and samples with which we usually work.

This report belongs to the 25th season of the programme ‘Teknopolis’, a TV programme about science and technology produced together with Elhuyar Fundazioa which is broadcast on ETB1 (in Basque) and ETB2 (in Spanish).

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