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Open access papers:


  • Nerea Bilbao-Barrenetxea, Patricia Jimeno-Sáez, Francisco José Segura-Méndez, Gerardo Castellanos-Osorio, Adrián López-Ballesteros, Sergio Henrique Faria, Javier Senent-Aparicio. Declining water resources in the Anduña River Basin of Western Pyrenees: Land abandonment or climate variability?, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, Volume 53, 2024, 101771, ISSN 2214-5818,
  • Muniozguren-Arostegi, B., Muñoz-Marzagon, P., & Faria, S. H. (2024). Development of a low-temperature immersion microscopy technique for ice research. Annals of Glaciology, First View, 1–7. doi: 10.1017/aog.2023.74


  • González-Santacruz, N., Muñoz-Marzagon, P., Bartolomé, M., Moreno, A., Huidobro, J., & Faria, S. (2023). Effects of impurities on the ice microstructure of Monte Perdido Glacier, Central Pyrenees, NE Spain. Annals of Glaciology, First View, 1-14. doi: 10.1017/aog.2023.66


  • Bilbao Barrenetxea, N., & Faria, S. H. (2022). Climate change in high-mountain regions: An international perspective and a look at the Pyrenees. Metode Science Studies Journal, 12, 115–121.
  • Muñoz Marzagon, P., Faria, S.H., Cortazar Goicoechea, R., Mateos Heis, M. (2022). The international collaboration between Japan and the Basque Country promoted by the GIGAKU Top Global University Project and its Techno Park Network, Transactions on GIGAKU, 9-1,09011-1-09011-12,

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