Press article: Climate change knocking on the door

Our predoctoral researcher Nerea Bilbao Barrenetxea has recently published an article titled «Climate change knocking on the door» in Basque newspaper Hiruka. The article describes drastic changes in climate and the natural environment that indicate a significant impact of climate change. It highlights the alteration of seasons, such as the loss of autumn colors, the […]

Participation of our team in the BC3 Community Symposium

A few days ago, our research line made a significant contributions at the first BC3 Community Symposium, a dynamic event organized entirely by the Center’s dedicated research and technical staff. Held on 7 and 8 November at BC3, this symposium provided a platform for engaging workshops and intense dialogues, fostering collaboration among technical, administrative, and […]

Unveiling IzotzaLab’s new logo

We are thrilled to announce our latest brand transformation along with the launch of BC3’s refreshed visual identity. This exciting update includes a new logo, vibrant colour palettes and contemporary typography for IzotzaLab. The main goal was to keep the logo identifiable and memorable. To achieve this result, we reworked and simplified the existing logo, […]

Nerea Bilbao interviewed in La mecánica del Caracol

Our predoctoral researcher Nerea Bilbao has been interviewed in the prestigious radio programme La mecánica del Caracol of Radio Euskadi to talk about the climatic anomaly that has led to the temperatures of this hot September. We have lived this 2023 the warmest September since records exist, with record temperatures all over Europe. In the case […]

Congratulations to our new PhD graduate Nicolás González Santacruz!

Our IzotzaLab colleague Dr. Nicolás González Santacruz earned his PhD with the thesis entitled “Exploring the impact of impurities in the high mountain cryosphere: Effects on the seasonal snowpack (Karakoram Range, Pakistan) and on the glacier ice microstructure (Monte Perdido Glacier, Spain)” today at Faculty of Science and Technology (UPV/EHU). Dr. González Santacruz carried out […]

Our predoctoral student Daniel Cortés represents the UPV/EHU at a prestigious doctoral conference

We are delighted to announce the participation of our predoctoral student Daniel Cortés at the X Doctoral Conference and V Conference on Scientific Dissemination of the Group 9 of Universities (G-9), held from May 31st to June 2nd, 2023, at the University of Oviedo. This prestigious conference, organized by the G-9 association of Spanish universities, […]

Press article: Glaciers and snow: hope in times of drought

In the recent article published in Basque newspaper Berria, our predoctoral researcher Nicolás González Santacruz sheds light on the vital role of glacier ice and snow in ensuring water supply during periods of drought. The article, titled «Glaciers and Snow: Hope in Times of Drought», emphasizes the significance of this natural phenomenon in sustaining water […]

Grupo Freire Refrigeración showcases their construction of the IzotzaLab in YouTube

Grupo Freire Refrigeración has released a new video on their Youtube channel showcasing the work done in building our lab’s cold room. The video highlights the company’s dedication to providing high-quality refrigeration solutions and takes a detailed look at the innovative construction process of the IzotzaLab. The video was produced primarily for potential customers,to see […]

ISS Symposium reviewed in the ICE Bulletin of the International Glaciological Society

We are glad to announce that the ISS Symposium, mainly organized by the IzotzaLab and several members of BC3 staff, has been featured in the latest edition of the International Glaciological Society’s ICE Bulletin. This is a significant recognition of the hard work and dedication of the ISS Local Organization Committee to the organization of […]

Webinar: «La ciencia del cambio climático» (The science of climate change)

Today our PhD student Nerea Bilbao Barrenetxea is giving the webinar «La ciencia del cambio climático» (The Science of Climate Change), as part of the cycle of training activities of the UPV/EHU’s Inter-University Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Management at the Bilbao School of Engineering. This webinar, which aims to be a meeting point […]

IzotzaLab in Teknopolis TV programme

Last weekend, the ETB television channel broadcast a report on ‘Amazing Laboratories’ in which IzotzaLab was presented. In it you will find the Head of the laboratory Sérgio Henrique Faria (Spanish version) and the Technician Patricia Muñoz Marzagon (Basque version) making an introduction to the infrastructure of IzotzaLab and its objectives, as well as our PhD […]

Press article: Climate crisis through polar ice

The head of the IzotzaLab, Sérgio Henrique Faria, has been interviewed for a new article in the Basque newspaper Berria titled as “Climate crisis through polar ice” (available in Basque only). In the words of Faria: «[…] The gloomier scenarios projected for the Arctic and Antarctica are becoming reality, with the Arctic experiencing a particularly […]

Bittor Muniozguren wins the ISS Symposium Best Poster Presentation Award

Our undergraduate student Bittor Muniozguren Arostegi has received the IGS award for the best poster presented at the International Symposium on Ice in a Sustainable Society. Title: Development of a technique of immersion microscopy on ice In addition to receiving his award, Bittor paid tribute to the winner of the Seligman Crystal Award, Prof. Catherine […]

IzotzaLab at the Space Days of the UPV/EHU

On 6 April 2022, Patricia Muñoz and Sérgio H. Faria have been at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) presenting a poster of the IzotzaLab to the students. The day included several posters, stands and talks by different research lines of the UPV/EHU and collaborators. The aim of […]

International Symposium on Ice in a Sustainable Society (ISS)

The IzotzaLab’s workers are pleased to announce that this summer they will be part of the organisation of the the International Symposium on ICE IN A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY (ISS) (see Local Organizing Commitee). General information The International Symposium on ICE IN A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY (ISS) will take place at the Bizkaia Aretoa Conference Auditorium in Bilbao, […]

Scientific article: Climate change at high altitude. An international perspective with a look at the Pyrenees

Our PhD student Nerea Bilbao Barrenetxea has recently published the article «Climate change at high altitude: an international perspective with a look at the Pyrenees» in the journal Mètode Science Studies Journal, together with the researcher and head of IzotzaLab Sérgio H. Faria. This issue, entitled «Climate crisis: The crack in the planet», brings together […]

New report by IPCC – AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

On 9 August 2021, a new report by IPCC “AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis” was presented. The Working Group I report is the first installment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), which will be completed in 2022. The Sixth Assessment Report provides a more detailed regional assessment of climate change, including […]

Collaboration agreement with PCE Ibérica

[Spanish version available in full view/ Versión española disponible en versión completa]
Izotzalab has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the company PCE Ibérica S.L. for the next 2 years. PCE Ibérica is a company committed to sustainability and environment, which offers measuring equipment, regulation and control systems, laboratory equipment and scales for measuring and weighing applications for industry, commerce and research. […]

BC3-NUT Office new Coordination Assistant

Our Izotzalab technician, Patricia Muñoz, is now part of the coordination team of the BC3-NUT office. She will contribute to the coordination of academic, scientific and technological collaborations, promote Industry–Academia activities and to enhance the liaison among BC3, Basque and European universities, Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) and the industrial sector, with particular emphasis on […]

Press release: El icónico glaciar pirenaico del Monte Perdido, que está actualmente desapareciendo, resistió a los periodos cálidos de la época romana y medieval

Un estudio del lnstituto Pirenaico de Ecología (IPE-CSIC) en coautoría con el BC3, ha permitido conocer la edad de esta masa de hielo, situada en el Pirineo aragonés y actualmente casi desaparecida. El trabajo ha determinado que el glaciar está presente, al menos, desde los últimos 2.000 años […]

Press article: The Importance of Ice

The Head of the IzotzaLab Sérgio H. Faria has published a new article in Basque newspaper Berria titled as “The Importance of Ice” (only available in Euskara). In the words of Faria: «Ice is our primary early warning system for climate change.» Also, he underlines the need to understand both the alert message and what […]

100xCiencia.4 event

Along with other BC3 researchers, IzotzaLab scientists Sérgio Henrique Faria and Patricia Muñoz presented their work at the 100xCiencia.4 event, which was held on 22 and 23 November 2019 at the International Center for Contemporary Culture “Tabakalera” in San Sebastian. The event included a variety of stands from different research institutions of the SOMMa Alliance […]

BC3-NUT Office information at Nagaoka University of Technology website

BC3-NUT Office has been included in the official website of Nagaoka University of Technology. BC3-NUT Office has the mission to coordinate the relations between Europe and Japan within the framework of Japan’s Top Global University (TGU) Project together with the Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT, Japan).

Entrevista con Nicolas Gonzalez, investigador de BC3, antes de su marcha al K2

Nicolás Gonzalez, investigador de BC3 – Basque Centre for Climate Change, afronta el reto del proyecto transdisciplinar BALELUR, que permitirá comprobar y sensibilizar sobre los efectos del cambio climático en la región del Karakorum.

Press Release: BC3 to support Alex Txikon and Team on new K2 Expedition

BC3, through the BALELUR Project, will participate in mountaineer Alex Txikon’s WinterTopAppeal expedition to scale the K2 summit. The project spearheaded by BC3 seeks to exploit publicity from the expedition to underscore the problem of global warming through a series of pioneering initiatives, such as the use of solar panels and windmills to transmit the […]

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