Fully automated microscope

IzotzaLab’s fully automated optical microscope is a high-performance Leica DM6M, which has been especially customized for the unique low-temperature conditions and needs of the laboratory. It offers the highest accuracy, reproducibility, and comfort, thanks to its computer-controlled 6-fold objective nosepiece and extra-large 3D scanning stage. Its multiple microscopy modes include bright- and dark-field, polarization,  fluorescence and phase-contrast microscopy.

Manual microscope

IzotzaLab’s portable optical microscope especially designed for field work is a unique hybrid between the Leica DM750, Leica DM750M , and top-level microscopes of the Leica DM4/DM6 series. It combines the robustness, and simplicity of the DM750 frame, with the optics of top-level microscopes, therefore offering portability and lightness without sacrificing the image quality.

Sample preparation tools

Band Saw

The first step in the preparation of samples is cutting the material into suitable shapes. For this purpose, we have the Metabo BAS 318 Precision band saw that offers great cutting precision and two working speeds. It is coupled to a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck up any type of residue produced during the cut.


For the fine preparation of sample surfaces we use the celebrated Leitz 1400 Slide Sledge Base Microtome combined with a system of disposable blades, which ensure a consistently sharp cut and the best sample surface properties.


We use an HP Z440 graphics workstation based on an Intel Xeon processor and a NVIDIA Quadro K620 graphics card, for controlling the automated DM6M microscope and for viewing and analyzing the images captured by the cameras of both microscopes. LAS X software for image analysis and a dedicated 3D joystick to control the DM6M’s automatic stage are also installed.

Sample storage

In order to store the samples in a way that preserves their microstructure, we use an Equitec EHFS 400/80 chest freezer (368 L, 400 W, −80 °C), which includes an automatic CO2 backup system for protection against power failure.

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